We brought inspiring women on stage and offer a platform for topics such as diversity, equal opportunities, sustainability and career development. The next WIM will be held on May 31st , 2023.

WOMEN IN MANUFACTURING – Future of Leadership

Women represent one of the largest pools of untapped talent an d they continue  to make a significant contribution to manufacturing, industry innovation, engineering, and advancements in industrial processing technology.

The conference session will therefore celebrate women in the manufacturing , industrial and other sectors, highlighting the achievements of women who are championing the industry workspace.

The conference further seeks to create a platform for dialogue and partnership among women from different sectors including leaders from the Government, government institutions, international organizations, manufacturing, financial, engineering sectors and other stakeholders.

Connect with professionals to network and leverage educational opportunities to advance their careers. Make unique connections and learn skills in order to reach your potential.

Again in 2023 Women In Manufacturing will be offering a day rich in inspiration and success stories in the face of today’s – and tomorrow’s – trends and challenges in the working world.

  • Increased Leadership Opportunities
  • Invaluable Networking & Connections
  • Quality Training & Skills Development
  • Personal & Professional Goal Achievement