The Manufacturing Impact Awards (MIA) was developed to recognize individuals or teams for their outstanding accomplishments that have had significant impact within the manufacturing industry and in any realted industry through the application of  manufacturing technologies.

The award recognizes achievements that have been implemented or deployed in a commercial/industrial environment rather than research investigative work. Winners are selected with consideration for the scope and scale of benefits realized and the potential future impact their work will have on the industry.

Who are your outstanding peers in manufacturing? What impact and contributions have they made that make them stand out? Why not NOMINATE your company or leading change-makers for the 2022 Manufacturing Impact Awards?

NOMINATION CATEGORIES – Choose from the nomination categories below to make your nominations.

This award will identify, honor & highlight an exceptional product manufactured by a company located in Nigeria.

We want to shed some light and share with the community all the awesomeness that is manufactured right in Nigeria.

This category recognises the efforts of  an oganusation that has provided the impetus for growth.

This award will be presented to a company that exhibits innovation through one or more of the following:


Nominees must have great ideas for growing business, dramatically improving performance and addressing some of the toughest challenges in today’s manufacturing industry

This Award is to recognise innovative, resilient and sustainable SMEs that demonstrate an enterprising mindset.

These are businesses that drive consistent, significant and sustainable growth, resulting in excellent business performance; and display the ability to scale and expand overseas.

Recognising sustainable manufaturing organisation that makes the business case for going green.

These eco-friendly manufacturers go beyond environmental compliance and drive improved performance through sustainability.

Recognising the commitment of organisations in the  industrial sector that has made great impact in human capacity development in Nigeria

This is a very special category not only for the Manufacturing industry but one that impacted the entire globe. The winner is receiving special recognition for their operational agility to make progress and/or impact the efforts for therapies and vaccines to combat the pandemic.

The submission of additional information about the nominee/company, such as letters of recommendation/commendations, testimonials, press articles and company brochures, is highly encouraged.​

You may submit multiple nominations for the same company/individual, but please note that numerous nominations for the same company/individual will not make them more likely to be selected.